A warm welcome to the Chai Advice Center

If you are a refugee who has been granted asylum and lives in Kirchheim/Teck or Nürtingen, we offer you information, advice and guidance on the following questions, for example: 

  • What kind of opportunities can my family and I find in Kirchheim?
  • Where can I find an interpreter?
  • Who can help me understand the letter I received from the Jobcenter or the Familienkasse?
  • How can I support my children in school?
  • What kind of opportunities exist for me to make contact with people from Kirchheim?
  • How can my professional life develop in Germany?
  • How can I find a house/apartment?
  • Where can I work as a volunteer?

We look forward to welcoming you and will gladly assist you further.


Your Chai advice team...

... in Kirchheim

... in Nürtingen

Renate Hirsch

Andrea Kees

Ida Bulling


Helena Sauter

Sabine Treyz

Sid-Ahmed Serour



This project is sponsored by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund:

Beratung und Begleitung für bleibeberechtigte Flüchtlinge 


Beratungsstelle Chai
Mehrgenerationenhaus Linde
Alleenstraße 90
73230 Kirchheim/Teck
Tel.: 07021 48 10 930
Mo 9-12 Uhr, 14.30-15.30 Uhr;       Di 13 -16 Uhr;
Mi 9-12 Uhr;                                  Do 10-12 Uhr, 15-18 Uhr;
Fr 9-12 Uhr 


Beratungsstelle Chai+
Jugendhaus am Bahnhof (JaB)
(1. Stock, oberhalb der Jugendagentur)
Bahnhofstr. 13
72622 Nürtingen
Tel.: 0172 78 99 721
donnerstags 14 - 17 Uhr,
freitags nach Vereinbarung